Secret Sauvignon Blanc Day Special

Secret Sauvignon Blanc Day Special

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Celebrate Sauv Day with a beautifully crafted mix case for $32 off our regular price:

2x Single Vineyard Rarangi Sauv Blanc 2019

- Minerality, sea salt and lime are the backbone to this wine. Dedicated to textural acidity, Rarangi presents fresh vibrant aromatics of citrus and lemongrass. The wine is bone dry to accentuate the mineral purity of this unique vineyard.

2x Cellar Collection Organic Sauv Blanc 2018

- Our Cellar Collection showcases our passion for wines that push stylistic boundaries and stimulate the senses. Produced by experimenting with small parcels of fruit, these wines are earmarked for greatness, giving you a new perspective of Marborough in a glass.

2x Cellar Collection Barrel Fermented Sauv Blanc 2019