Three decades of commitment to great tasting wines

About us

Since our beginnings in 1994, Wither Hills has been home to a small team of committed winemakers who painstakingly labour over every wine from one vintage to the next. Having 3 decades of experience means we know the Marlborough area like an old friend, with its quirks and interesting habits, and we believe the best wines capture that character - a reflection of their source. For us, that includes the effect of our namesake Wither Hills ranges that border and protect our patch of earth, influencing our unique fusion of land, grapes, climate and the village of people who bring it all together. Add passion to the mix and you’ve got expressive wines New Zealanders know and trust to represent quality without pretence – Wither Hills.


But what’s a good wine without good friends to share it? Good friends aren’t just people you hang out with, they’re people that understand you, let you be free to be yourself, get you through the hard times and help you celebrate the good. So, here’s to those you share it all with, the hilarious conversations and the shoulder to lean on.

Here’s to a good glass of wine with friends.