With vineyards throughout the Marlborough and Hawke's Bay regions, our viticultural team work together with our winemakers to produce the premium quality fruit from which we craft our range of Wither Hills wines.
Three of our vineyards are particularly special to us: Rarangi, Taylor River and Benmorven – which produce our premium Single Vineyard range of wines. These character-driven wines demonstrate the synergy between region, vineyard, variety and our winemakers defining our unique sense of place.

Rarangi - Marlborough

Where the vines are cooled by the delicate sea breeze, Rarangi Vineyard combines a spectacular site situated 600 metres from the coastline, interlaced with native wetlands and a unique mixture of soils – pea gravels to uplifted seabed. Rarangi is also home to our Wetlands Conservation Project.

Taylor River - Marlborough

Where the vines drink from the river that carves through the valley, Taylor River Vineyard, situated directly behind the Wither Hills winery is planted with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. One of two estate vineyards which supply fruit for our Wither Hills Pinot Noir, the Taylor River Vineyard follows organic principles, and is situated alongside the Taylor River shingle fan, leading south to the Wither Hills. The mixed soils of loam, silt, clays and some river gravels of this site along with the moderating easterly allows the Pommard and Dijon clones to express the bolder and more structured side of Pinot Noir.

Benmorven - Marlborough

Where the hills stand watch over the grapes that grow beneath them, Benmorven Vineyard is 100% clay, tucked into the foothills of the Wither Hills range. It has a uniquely protected microclimate, perfect for our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Organic wines are produced with the support of natural and biological products only. Organic wines from Taylor River and Benmorven vineyards shine with a true expression of the land. “Growing organically reaps the ecological benefits of the organic practices positively affecting soil ecology, waterways and promoting biodiversity” - Patricia Miranda-Taylor, Winemaker.

Te Awanga - Hawke's Bay

Although the maritime influence of the Pacific Ocean extends into much of Hawke's Bay, Te Awanga in the South, located directly on the coast enjoys the most dramatic effects of the temperate climate and long growing season. The sea breezes with mild day and night temperatures, allows for slow ripening which intensifies the flavours. The soils are shallow volcanic over deep gravels producing wines with great flavour. This all results in perfect conditions for growing Merlot.

Bridge Pa Triangle - Hawke's Bay

Inland we have the Bridge Pa Triangle. This area was formed over several thousands of years by the changing course of the lower Ngaruroro River as it left red metal, free draining alluvial soils, gravel and stony terraces. The Bridge Pa Triangle site is just off to the side of the Gimblett Gravels, and is where the Syrah vineyard is situated. It’s a very warm site, great for ripening Syrah. The accumulated heat and day/night temperature differences, together with the free draining sandy loam, all contribute to the intensity of the Syrah produced from this site.