Meet some of the passionate Wither Hills team who are the secret to our success

Matt Large - Head Winemaker

A hands-on, adventure-seeking and food-loving family man, Matt Large is always busy. A Marlborough local, Matt traveled the globe, experiencing vintages in America, Australia and South Africa before returning home where he lives with his wife Adele and three kids. His love for wine and getting his hands dirty saw him and his family plant a hectare of Sauvignon Blanc in their own backyard. On quieter days, you’ll find him diving for scallops and enjoying a glass of Riesling with friends and family.

Andrew Petrie - Winemaker

A man of many talents, Andy is our resident sparkling wine aficionado at Wither Hills, as well as looking after some of our award-winning white wine varieties. His love of wine was sparked at university after he and a few mates enrolled in a wine appreciation course. Inspired by this, he then decided to travel to Gisborne to work in his first vintage at the old Montana winery. After a seven-year stint in South Australia, Andy started with Wither Hills and hasn’t looked back. He has three children with his wife, Robyn, and is an avid mountain biker and baker in his spare time.

Patricia Miranda-Taylor - Winemaker

Born in Chile, Patricia brings flair to Wither Hills team. Patricia left Chile with the aim to learn languages and winemaking techniques from around the globe. After travelling for several years across eleven winemaking countries, New Zealand finally became home. Aside from her passion for making craft wine (especially Pinot Noir & Chardonnay), she loves spending time helping others especially being the charity Ambassador of Wither Hills. Patricia has a daughter Sienna with her British husband Dan, she enjoys travelling around the world with her family, sailing, cooking and dancing.