Wither Hills winery and the surrounding vineyards are accredited with Sustainable Winegrowers NZ – this is a set of industry standards that drive continuous improvement of the sustainability of the wine industry.

Rarangi Wetlands Conservation Project

Nestled amongst Wither Hills’ Rarangi Vineyard, the Rarangi Wetlands form part of the largest freshwater complex in the Wairau Plains. In 2009, Wither Hills initiated a conservation project that included major weed eradication and control, as well as replanting natives. Trapping for pest control has been introduced by vineyard staff to protect native fauna that call this special place home.

To celebrate the ongoing sustainability of the Wetlands Conservation Project, Wither Hills holds an annual planting day at Rarangi where the Wither Hills team plant their very own native plants within the wetlands and become part of the Rarangi story.


The Cellar Door and Restaurant is the heart of Wither Hills and the seasonal menu makes the most of the beautiful Marlborough produce as well as growing our own greens in gardens around the site.


Wither Hills organic wine range is grown on two of our premium vineyards, Ben Morven and Taylor River. These hand-crafted wines allow the vineyard to shine through and give these wines a sense of place.

Our grape marc compost, inter row planting, and under-vine weeding encourage earth worms and other soil life to thrive by increasing organic matter.

Waste Minimisation

As we work through our sustainability journey, minimising our landfill impact has been our key focus. We have been working towards our zero-waste goal by finding new avenues for recyclable materials and breaking packaging down to separate recycling streams as much as possible.

Once fruit is pressed, grape skins are transported to farms to use as stock feed, in addition to being composted down and returned to our vineyards.

Garden compost for around the site is produced from food scraps and plant material from groundskeeping.